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For anyone interested in indigenous, folk, and non-Western classical musical styles, World Music looks at ancient and traditional music from Asia, South America, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Africa, Eastern Europe and other regions around the world.

Goals & outcomes: To be able to identify sounds and musical styles specific to different parts of the world. The aims of this course are to provide guidance in appreciating, understanding and developing a stronger listening awareness to different approaches in traditional world music-making practices.

Prerequisite knowledge: None^. This class is suitable for adults of any age.

^Students with prior theory knowledge may enrol as composing participants. Non-composing participants - those who are more interested in a music appreciation perspective - are equally welcome!

About the classes: Classes include: (a) weekly one-hour group lessons; plus (b) 24/7 online access to progressive course content, over a term or fortnight for an individual module. Terms generally coincide with ACT school term dates. Enrolment is on a per term basis or per module basis.

Fee: $350 per term.

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