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All our music classes include:

  • one-hour face-to-face or virtual collaborative group lessons, scheduled at a regular weekly time over a term; and

  • continuous online access to progressive course material and extra tips & info for ongoing support over a term.


Mon 9:30am / Mon 12pm ADVANCED / Mon 6:15pm ADVANCED / Mon 7:15pm / Mon 8:15pm ADVANCED / Tues 6pm ADVANCED / Wed 6pm / Wed 7pm / Fri 12:15pm ADVANCED

For absolute beginners, Piano 101 introduces students to easy, logical and step-by-step ways to gain familiarity with the piano, by providing the foundations for both the physical aspects of playing and following a written score.

Beginner piano lessons for adults


Monday 10:30am / Monday 4:15pm / Monday 5:15pm ADVANCED / Tuesday 11:15am / Friday 11:15am

For students with some experience who can already read and play from a score, Piano 201 focuses on improving technique, developing literacy, musical and performance skills, and building a solo and duet repertoire. 

Intermediate piano lessons for adults


Wednesday 11:00am INTERMEDIATE

For beginner to intermediate students, Music Reading & Theory is run at two levels. Entry level covers basic note reading, and the foundations of rhythm, melody and harmony; the next level builds on foundational theory and delves deeper into the elements of music.

Music theory classes


Friday 9:15am

For students with prior theory knowledge, Composition & Arranging  explores the language of music through applied score analysis, investigation of form and compositional technique, and dives into writing and arranging music. 

Learn to compose music


Schedule TBC

For anyone interested in indigenous, folk and non-Western classical musical styles, World Music looks at ancient and traditional music from Asia, South America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Africa and other regions around the world.

Learn about word music