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Group format piano lessons for adult students with some experience who can already read and play from a score, Piano 201 focuses on improving technique, developing literacy, musical and performance skills, and building a solo and duet repertoire. 

Goals & outcomes: To be able to play the piano with better technique, more musicality and more confidence. Both solo and ensemble literature throughout the instrument’s history will be used to demonstrate changes in technical, interpretive and performance practices, and attention will be given to specific exercises for each new piece of music to ensure technique, reading skills and music theory knowledge continue to be improved. Improvisation skills will also be developed. 

Prerequisite knowledge: Piano 101. This class is suitable for adults of any age, who can read piano music notated for both hands; for continuing beginner piano students up to 5th grade AMEB equivalent, however students ‘returning’ to the piano who have achieved higher level examinations are welcome.

PIANO 201 ADVANCED is a dedicated class for students at a playing level of 6th grade and above.

About the classes: Classes include: (a) weekly one-hour group lessons; plus (b) 24/7 online access to progressive course content, over a term. Terms generally coincide with ACT school term dates. Enrolment is on a per term basis, with progress being tailored to suit the class and each individual in the class. Repertoire in any term may include:

  • Baroque keyboard works

  • Classical and/or Romantic piano repertoire

  • 20th & 21st century musical development and change

  • Creative playing and practice techniques, including improvisation and free play

Piano 201 incorporates a variety of musical genres, including classical, blues, jazz, popular, musical theatre and film music.

Full class fee: $295 plus $25 text fee per term

Intermediate piano lessons for adults
Term 1 2022

Monday 31 January - Friday 8 April 2022

Term 2 2022

Tuesday 26 April - Friday 1 July 2022

Term 3 2022

Monday 18 July - Friday 23 September 2022

Term 4 2022

Monday 10 October - Friday 16 December 2021