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Small group classes
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Group format piano lessons for adult students with some experience who can already read and play from a score, Piano 201 focuses on improving playing and practice technique, developing literacy, musicianship and theory skills, and building repertoire. 

Goals & outcomes: To be able to play the piano with better technique, more musicality and more confidence. Music throughout the instrument’s history will be used to demonstrate changes in technical, stylistic and performance practices, and attention will be given to specific exercises for each new piece of music to ensure technique, reading skills and music theory are developed.

Prerequisite knowledge: Piano 101 or prior lessons. Piano 201 is suitable for adults of any age, who can comfortably read and play piano music notated in both treble and bass staves for two hands; for intermediate piano students up to 5th grade AMEB equivalent, however students ‘returning’ to the piano who have achieved higher level examinations are also very welcome.

PIANO 201 ADVANCED offers repertoire to students at a playing and reading level of 6th grade and above.

About the classes: Classes include: (a) weekly one-hour group lessons; plus (b) 24/7 online access to progressive course content, over a term. Terms generally coincide with ACT school term dates. Enrolment is on a per term basis, with progress being tailored to suit the class and each individual in the class. Repertoire in any term may include:

  • Baroque, Classical and/or Romantic era works

  • 20th & 21st century musical development and change

  • Creative playing and practice techniques

Piano 201 incorporates a broad variety of musical genres, including classical, neoclassical, jazz, popular and film music.

Full class fee: $295 plus $30 text fee per term

Intermediate piano lessons for adults
Term 2 2023

Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June 2023

Term 3 2023

Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September 2023

Term 4 2023

Monday 9 October - Friday 15 December 2023

Term 1 2024

Monday 29 January - Friday 5 April 2024

PIANO 101 ADVANCED provides the 3rd & 4th terms of Piano 101, and is also a progressive class that students are welcome to continue for as long as they like, which focuses on developing reading and playing skills. Material includes: lots of short, stylistically varied pieces, to explore a wide range of musical ideas, theory and different techniques. Pieces are offered at a range of levels - easier to more difficult - to suit student readiness. 

For advancing beginners & intermediate students wanting to strengthen reading & playing skills.

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PIANO 201 is for intermediate and more advanced students ready to push their skills a bit further, and is a progressive class that students are welcome to continue for as long as they like. Material includes: pieces that are slightly longer and more technical than for Piano 101 Advanced, and are also stylistically varied, to explore a wide range of musical ideas, theory and different techniques.

For intermediate & more advanced students ready for more challenging repertoire.

PIANO 201 ADVANCED is for more advanced students who already have a sound technical foundation and are generally confident in their playing and reading. Material includes: the same 'base' repertoire as for Piano 201 but incorporating the option of longer and more technical editions, or additional movements or components.

For more advanced students at a playing and reading level of 6th grade and above.

Classes are run as workshops, with one piano for demonstration and a number of keyboards for student practice (generally used more for beginner levels, less for advanced levels), through a mixture of instruction, playing, theory, discussion, and a lot of scope for student enquiry and collaboration. All progressive material is provided in an online forum that includes theory, sheet music, learning tips, practice guides and video instruction.

All levels are open for new enrolments each term, subject to interest for new classes and availability in continuing classes.

New enrolments usually open 3-4 weeks before the start of a term.

Our classes cover both instruction and online learning material. We put a lot of effort into both, and we believe in the quality of both. 


What we expect of our students is simple: enjoy and make the most of both the instruction and material we offer.


As adult students, we absolutely understand demands on time and know that interruptions can happen. So we’re far more interested in the things you can learn with us rather than how much time you spend practising. If interruptions occur, while we don’t arrange make-up classes for non-attendance, all class material is continuously updated online for student reference, providing the benefits of revision and ongoing guidance.

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