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Small group classes

at Ainslie Arts Centre


What classes do you offer?

Who can do your classes?

Our classes are for adults of any age and open to everyone in the community.

Do you have classes for children?

No. The content, materials and delivery of all classes are designed especially for adult students.

How long does each class run?

Classes normally run over a 9 or 10 week term, and include: (a) weekly one-hour face-to-face or virtual group lessons; and (b) continuous online access to course content.

Enrolment is on a per term basis.

Can I do just one term of a class?

Yes, however:

  • If you want to enrol in Piano 101 (beginner) and Music Reading & Theory (beginner) you are strongly encouraged to plan participation over four successive terms because you will not get the full benefit of learning outcomes designed for your class in a single term.
  • Please be aware that your choice to drop out after one term may impact the viability of the class for other students.

Do I have to commence a class at the beginning of the year, or can I commence later in the year?

Individual class pages and the enrolment form indicate whether classes are accepting new students. Generally:

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you'd like to join a class.

How do I enrol?

In the Enrol page, scroll down to the Enrolment Form, where you'll see enrolment buttons for current or new students. If you are a new student, simply check the class(es) in which you want to enrol, provide your contact details and, when you're ready, click 'Submit'.

The class that I want to enrol in is not listed in the Enrolment Form. What does that mean?

It means that the particular class is either full or not yet scheduled. However, we are often able to commence a new class if there is sufficient interest from potential students, so if you are keen to enrol in any class(es) please contact us to register your interest.

I've enrolled in a class. Now what?

An invoice will be emailed to you within 2 days after your enrolment is received. Please make payment as directed in the invoice so that your enrolment can be confirmed. We'll then email you with complete details to get started and attend your first class!

Where is my classroom?

Classes are held at Ainslie Arts Centre. Your classroom will be advised via email before the commencement of term. Please note, we're on Elouera Street, Braddon, not on Ainslie Avenue (where you'll find Gorman Arts Centre). The twin arts centres operate under the same banner and are only down the road from each other, but are separate venues and easy to get confused!

I'm going to be away for one of the classes. How will that affect my progress?

All progressive course content and material relevant to the learning outcomes of every class is provided online via Forums, so you shouldn't fall behind.

What are Forums?

Forums are online learning platforms where, along with accessing progressive course content and additional material, students can ask questions, discuss their own findings and collaborate with classmates. Content is updated regularly throughout the term and all enrolled students have continuous access for the duration of their enrolment.

How do I access my Forum?

Forums are accessed via the Student Portal (located in the footer of this website). All enrolled students will be provided with instructions and a password after payment of term fees.

I'm going to be away for the entire term. Can I still access Forums?

Yes! You can enrol as on Online Forum Student Only.

I love the class I'm doing! Can I continue next year?

You certainly can!

P.S. Do you teach individual lessons?

Individual piano lessons are offered once or twice a term to Piano 101 and Piano 201 students who either want an intensive session or might want to consolidate a particular aspect of their playing or understanding in a private setting. But we love classes, typically see an exciting level of progress and engagement from students doing classes, are encouraged by the support networks and friendships formed amongst students, and - if you're interested - highly recommend you try them!

I'm going to be away for some of the term. Are partial term fees available?

Yes. Please see the Fee Policy for details.

Where can I view a timetable?


I'm interested in Piano 101. Do I need to bring a keyboard to class?

No need! Classes are conducted around one piano and run in a workshop style, with a mixture of demonstration, instruction, participation, playing, feedback and discussion.

I'm interested in Piano 101. But I don't have a piano or keyboard to practise on. Will I manage to keep up?

We often have students commence Piano 101 as absolute beginners without having their own instrument, and because the classes focus heavily on observation, discussion and in-class participation, this can work up to a point. Most students, however, do find they want to start applying their understanding to practice within a few weeks from starting and, importantly, technique only develops with practice. As such, we encourage that students plan to purchase their own instrument. We are happy to recommend a good entry level keyboard.

I'm interested in Piano 101. How does the class format work?

Piano 101 (and 201) classes are conducted around one piano, run as workshops with a mixture of demonstration, instruction, observation, participation and discussion. Class material is structured around specific learning areas - both theoretical and practical - with a lot of scope for student enquiry and collaboration. Because group classes are shared experiences, students' learning is enhanced by connecting with other students and we typically see an exciting level of progress and engagement in the group environment.