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Small group classes
Ainslie Arts Centre & Online


Group format piano lessons for adults who are absolute beginners, Piano 101 introduces students to easy, logical and step-by-step ways to gain familiarity with the piano, by providing the foundations for both the physical aspects of playing and following a written score.

Goals & outcomes: To be able to play short piano pieces with two hands, incorporating melody and harmony, with progressive accomplishment over the year. Students will learn how to read and respond to a piano score, as well as some simple improvisation techniques; fundamental music theory; and begin developing aural and sight-reading skills.

Prerequisite knowledge: None. For absolute beginners. Piano 101 is suitable for adults of any age, new to the piano. 

PIANO 101 ADVANCED is a dedicated class for students who already know the basics, are confident with notation, and are ready to expand their repertoire.

About the classes: Classes include: (a) weekly one-hour group lessons; plus (b) 24/7 online access to progressive course content, over a term. Terms generally coincide with ACT school term dates. Although enrolment is on a per term basis, the complete Piano 101 course incorporates four successive terms, with each term building on skills learnt in the previous term:

  • How to Play the Piano – Technique (understanding chords, bass-lines, riffs, scales, improvising)

  • Learning to Read – Chunking (learning pattern-based sight-reading skills)

  • Understanding Sheet Music – Reading (extending reading skills in a stylistic context)

  • Musical Interpretation – Playing (developing technical, reading, and improvising skills)


Piano 101 incorporates a variety of musical genres, including classical, blues, jazz, popular, musical theatre and film music.

Progressive learning is offered through Piano 101 Advanced and Piano 201 classes in subsequent years.

Full class fee: $295 plus $30 text fee per term.

Beginner piano lessons for adults
Term 1 2023

Monday 30 January - Thursday 6 April 2023

Term 2 2023

Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June 2023

Term 3 2023

Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September 2023

Term 4 2023

Monday 9 October - Friday 15 December 2023

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