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Small group classes
Ainslie Arts Centre & Online


For students with prior theory knowledge, Composition & Arranging  explores the language of music through applied score analysis, investigation of form and compositional technique, and dives into writing and arranging music. 

Goals & outcomes: To be able to identify, understand and construct musical elements, functions and forms. The aims of this course are to extend basic theory knowledge by developing a stronger comprehension of musical language, building blocks and structure, knowledge of how to organise and arrange elements of sound, and confidence in exploring and applying a variety of compositional techniques. 

Prerequisite knowledge: Music Reading & Theory, or equivalent. This class is suitable for adults of any age, who have some prior theory knowledge encompassing the fundamentals of rhythm, major and minor scales, basic chord formation and notation. ​

About the classes: Classes include: (a) weekly one-hour group lessons; plus (b) 24/7 online access to progressive course content, over a term. Terms generally coincide with ACT school term dates. Enrolment is on a per term basis, with progress being tailored to suit the class. Classes are highly participatory and take on a workshop format, wherein:

  • Students collaborate on in-class examples and techniques as a group.

  • Students' works may be performed or presented for discussion and critique.


Fee: $350 per term

Learn to compose music
Term 1 2024

Monday 29 January - Monday 8 April 2024

Term 2 2024

Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July 2024

Term 3 2024

Monday 22 July - Friday 27 September 2024

Term 4 2024

Monday 14 October - Friday 13 December 2024

Enrolment usually opens 3-4 weeks before a new term. 

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